Earlier this year on a blissful Friday afternoon in February, I was most excited to play a set at the Roots Garden Festival in Ruapuke, which became instantly renowned by all in attendance as the best festival of the summer.

A spirit of cooperation and community permeated the atmosphere as people came together from all over Aotearoa, and the world, to move towards the shared goal of getting down to some rare riddims and heavy bass. Three days of music, sun, ocean and musical explosions; these are the days that make summer.

My contribution to this event is an eclectic passage through some of my favourite styles of music, connected together in a somewhat logical manner, I believe. I felt the need to open with something momentous to pay tribute to epic enclave of nature that the stage was nestled in (complete with a fresh water stream running beneath), Hymn to Mother Earth by Demon Fuzz.

I have recreated my set to keep this moment alive and to peak anticipation in the next one...